I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Got Super Mario Maker 2? Want to play some levels or see what your fellow TAY users share creations? Let’s do it here!



Post a comment with your Maker ID and I’ll add it to the list at the end of this post.


You can also post level IDs in the comments as well. It’s highly recommended you post the name of the level as well as a brief description. Giving feedback on levels is highly encouraged. Just be sure if it’s negative to give legitimate criticism and not just “Your level sucks!” Be polite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Maker ID?

In the game, go to course world. In any menu in which you see your Mii’s face in the upper left corner, press the Y button to go to your maker profile. Select the giant picture of your Mii with “More Info” written in the corner. Your maker ID will be in the bottom left of the Mii picture.

Here’s an example maker card with More Info selected and the Maker ID boxed in red
Here’s an example maker card with More Info selected and the Maker ID boxed in red

Why was that so hard to find?


My level has sat with 0 plays for days! What do I do?

Sharing your levels is the best way to get plays! This is all anecdotal evidence right now, but it seems that due to the overwhelming number of levels being posted, it’s unlikely your level ends up in the “New” tab. The game seems to only put your level in Endless Challenge once it has gotten at least 1 play. Thus, most of the time it’ll be up to you to get that first play.


Maker List

  • Squadaloo: 27T-XCT-0NG
  • devourbooks: 8XV-QQX-LVF
  • RadzPrower: DNW-504-WPF
  • Herzog80: DNP-DHF-5JF
  • CommanderKeenDreams: GCN-VYB-0NF
  • Optional Objectives: 14S-N7V-JGF
  • XCube285: N22-DPH-JQG
  • Christian: 6RG-98J-C0H 

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