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So, we've obviously run into situations where we wished we had some sort of messaging system set in place, right? Some of us get around that by simply replying to people on older posts, or hijacking topics, or maybe sharing your Twitter address. But it'd still be nice to be able to just jump in at any moment and send a quick message to any of our friends on here, right? Well, we've already made it through a lot, and got TAY Classic up and running, so I think we're more than able of getting past this issue.

Thus, I present to you the new ConTAYct List, where you'll be able to simply ask us authors anything you want. The system is simple. Simply write up a small post about what you do on TAY, kinda like a profile page like so, and make sure to include the "ConTAYct List" tag and publish it only on your blog. If this picks up, the tag page should be filled with a singular contact post for each of us regular authors, and anyone else willing to take part, and you should be able to just send anyone a message. Due to the way the notification system works out, you'd never have to check that page to see if anybody sent you something, because it'll simply appear in your inbox.


Like this.

This would allow us to notify admins of trolls, request help or maybe commission 'shopped images, since some of us are that generous. It's up to each individual to make their own contact page, and set up the "terms" of favors or whatever they feel like putting on the table. So, that is all I have to say for now. If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to comment.

*Special thanks to Cimeas, for planting the idea in my brain ^^

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