In my mind, the day was going to be perfect. I pictured that it would be raining when I got to Nintendo World at 7 a.m. and I would be met by a sea of black umbrellas. Continuing my fantasy, I believed that as I approached the line, I would certainly be humming my favourite tune. I imagined the line would be short due to the heavy rain we have been having in NYC. And I thought I would be extremely elated.

This morning I awoke and was met instead by the sun peeking out from the grey clouds. It had actually been raining when I awoke at 4:30 but by the time I got to the train, I had to wear my sunglasses.

What's even worse, I got to Nintendo World near 8 a.m. which was much later than I had anticipated and instead of short line with a sea of umbrellas, there was a line that had already reached halfway down the block.

Needless to say I was discouraged because getting a bonus gift with purchase of a game is always quite the dicey thing when it comes to late arrivals at a Nintendo World Launch Event (and the girl in front of me at the counter got the last one too. That hurt).


I have to say though, there was so much buzz in the air that it did not matter. I was elated anyway and the day turned out perfect regardless. People were happy, 3DS systems were glowing green from constant notifications for street pass tags, and the excitement was overwhelming. Additionally, two of my friends made it to the line at 7 and were waiting for me, and an even cooler thing that happened today? Fellow TAY'er UI 2.0 met up with me!

That's right! Previously awesome TAY Buddy and now super awesome friend, UI 2.0 lived up to his persona on TAY. He's funny, really nice and mischievous much like his current avatar (of the awesome Magic Man, for those of you wondering).

And did I mention that his beauty is unparalled? He looks just like the mermaid on that cup lying in the dirty street. What? You think this is funny?


It was no surprise to me that meeting him was like saying hello to a person I've known forever. We get along really well on TAY and it was no different on the streets of NYC. We had a great time laughing at the many Miis we collected during our wait, and at 9 a.m. when the doors opened at launch, there was much more fun to be had inside.

Upon entering, and much like the game, there were fun events set up to mirror the activities you can participate in in-game. We were greeted by a sign post and conductor directing us to all the various events. For participating in each event, you received a little gift after successfully completing the missions.


Bug Catching was a blast. I did quite well at it. But that dude over there was a boss.

The fishing mini-game. I really liked this one. You had to take a rod or line with magnets attached and catch two of the same. I caught some sea bass (of course, I did. Accursed Sea bass... and UI caught sharks.)


Of course he caught sharks...

This amazing model display was on the second floor as well.

Heh, cute, right?

Reminds me of a cat neighbour I had in one of my previous towns that I am desperately trying to forget...


It was just as the sign says, there was a photo booth and a bug catching event on the ground level. The second level contained a fishing game and a fossil dig. If you've played an Animal Crossing game before, these games represented all the good stuff you've come to love about the charming, easy going life you can have in Animal Crossing. Though, okay, maybe fishing and bug catching can be a little bit on the stressful side and I'll be lying if I didn't tell you they made us work for those mini gifts!

The Fossil Digging Game entailed Blathers standing over us and blathering on about something. Oh yes, cardboard cut outs of virtual owls are quite adept at blathering.


But what it truly was was a Memory game of sorts where you had to match up the fossils. UI was pretty great at it especially since the Nintendo World Employees shuffled up those things something fierce. UI was so great in fact, that I begged him and Em to go back and try it again (or mayhaps I wanted them to go back them to get the sweetest little thing for Dyram and GBD). As for how well I did at it? Well, let's just say it's a good thing UI was there. I made him do all the work. Eh heh heh.


Indeed, our Raccoon Overlord was there to ensure our hard work acted as payment for our fun. It's confusing how he manages that secret plan and clever trick of his. I have to say, I felt right at home with all those sordid memories flooding my mind.

Perhaps one of the coolest things was the music blaring over the loud speakers. I mean, BLARING. The choice of music was not that great - some pop here and there but all catchy and all meant to help with the excitement that was already there. So exactly what made it cool? K.K. Slider was cranking out some tunes in between sets. Some of it was mixed in. Some of it was straight up K.K. Slider tunes on a Saturday night (morning in this case, and doesn't that just make it even cooler?). All of it was just too. awesomely. awesome.

I mean, come now!

For the first time at one of these things, I actually fully participated in all the Launch Event had to offer. It was mighty fun and I wish I could have stayed longer. But fear not, because the hilarious times did not end there.


Some where on this giant wall drawing for all to do some colouring in, I left a message for TAY (and no that's not me!)

Heehee! I left it by Nook! It says "Z W H" as in Zarnyx was here. And I wrote a shout out to TAY, while doing some fine colouring in of my own of that letter.


By the time we got out it was nearing 11 a.m. and the Ramen place around the corner was calling our names. We were starving but while waiting for our lunch, we sat around and played our early launch copies. Well, okay. I did not play mine because I am busy writing to all of you now and charging my 3DS some before I power it back on. But my friend Em ( I shall call him) and UI got to messing around in each others' towns during and after lunch.

TAY, I won't spoil the name of UI's Town for you because it is freaking amazing but I do want to give you fair warning. He's a total ham. In the short time Em and UI played, they both got into a vicious fight.


You can't really see too much of the carnage but it was a shovel versus a bug catching net. Guess who had the shovel? My other friend (who I shall call, my Imaginary Friend Fred) and I watched on in horror. Actually, I was really laughing and that's why the picture is so blurry.

And perhaps the finest moment: Invite a person into your town, stalk them into a house and once they're inside, dig holes around it so they cannot escape.


It makes me think that we are going to have the best time as we play together in the TAY Community.

I am looking forward to the tricks, the gifts and the laughter.

Now, hurry up Tomorrow!

And excuse me while I go boot up and bask in some memories while making new ones.


My sister and I will be waiting for you all.

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