I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

A Youtube user by the name of Masterjun3 has posted a video of himself recreating classic games Pong and Snake inside of Super Mario World via a hacked multitap cable and some very specific actions performed by a bot.

The results are nothing short of insane. Masterjun3 explains in his post on TASVideos how he made this happen:

"In short: I manipulate where the moving objects (sprites) are located or where they despawn, then I swap the item in Yoshi's mouth with a flying ?-block (thus the yellow glitched shell) and using a glitch (stunning) to spawn a sprite which isn't used by SMW and since it tries to jump to the sprite routine location, it indexes everything wrong and jumps to a place I manipulated earlier with the sprites (OAM) and because of the P-Switch it jumps to controller registers and from there the arbitrary code execution is started.

Even shorter: Magic."

There you have it, magic is real. And here's the video from the man himself:

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