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Mario Kart 8 Builder

How much time have you spent at the Kart selection screen in MK8 trying to find the perfect build? Adding one thing, switching another, just to find the perfect blend of stats and appearance. Mario Kart 8 Builder is the perfect tool for the MK8 tinkerer in you!

I've just discovered this wonderful site recently, and thought I should share it with the Mario racing crowd of TAY.


It lays out all of the characters, karts, wheels, and gliders in a handy grid where you can select each part and view the stats of your "build" along the bottom. You can even compare up to 3 different customizations to see which one might work best for you.

This is my build:

Driver: Luigi
Kart: B Dasher
Wheel: Slim
Glider: Super Glider (Standard)

Give the site a test run and post your current build below.

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