I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Have you ever seen an happier Mii in the world?

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That's right, Wii U owners in particular and video game fans in general, Mario Kart 8 received an update to version 3.0 with fancy new Amiibo support. Since our new plastic overlords are not yet in stores, let us focus on another piece of news regarding Nintendo's HD Kart experience: The first DLC pack is here!

I will spare you the details because GBD has already done a fine job at that earlier today and instead deliver the audio-visual content TAY expects me to. Get some popcorns and lets laugh together at my poor driving skills!

Link versus Egg Cup

Drivers taking on the Egg Cup will face an old favourite from GameCube's Double Dash!!: Yoshi Circuit. Followed by the very impressive and nostalgic Excite Bike Arena, the all new Dragon Driftway and it's excellent music to wrap things up in 100% hovering surfaces of Mute City. All hail Mute City, all hail F-Zero. F-Zero is life. F-Zero is all.

The Master Cycle is a beast of a bike. It's in the same category as the Jet Bike. One for experts of tight angle drifts.


Mii versus Triforce Cup

My ego keeps writing checks my body can't cash, so instead of picking up one of the new drivers from the DLC pack, I picked Mii... on the Blue Falcon, a match made in heaven. Things star off in a not to distant past, with Wario's Gold Mine from Wii starting things off with it's roller coaster like dives and alternate routes inside the mines. We then jump back all to way to 1992 to my one most singled played track on SNES, the legendary Rainbow Road updated to it's full HD glory and ripple road effects. Next we take a chill from the all new Ice Ice Outpost and it's twin track configuration. To round things over, we race in a place of Legend: Hyrule Circuit complete with giant size Master Sword. Of course all weapon sound effects have been changed to Legend of Zelda's sound effects and all coins have changed to Rupees. Nice!

The Blue Falcon is everything you would expect from Captain Falcon's ride: Slick, fast, manoeuvrable... my new ride of choice. Forever he will be our hero.


That's all for now, good TAYlanders. Sit back and wait for new memes to show up soon. Remember that there is a extraordinary TAY game night later on. I expect to see everyone racing as Link. Don't disappoint me because much like a Blue Shell and Liam Nesson, "I will find you and I will kill you". Play Hard, Play LOUD! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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