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Carrying on from last week I’ve finally managed to re-create all of the Mario Kart 8 advertising signs I’ll be using on Chester’s Garage! I’m really pleased with how they turned out, here’s a few examples:


Re-created Mario Kart 8 advertising signs

I managed to fit all of the parts I needed onto an A1 sheet which I’ve just had printed at a local printers. It’s a digital print onto 180gsm paper which is thin enough to cut easily and stick down flat but thick enough to take a bit of wear and tear. I’m really happy with the print quality – I was thinking about having it sealed with a film but it would have given them too much of a glossy finish for my liking. I went with the matt untreated finish which means they won’t be as hard wearing but hopefully the signs will look so much better on the finished garage.


The A1 sheet with all the images I’ll need

I’ve also been buying all of the wood I’ll need this week. I started off getting a piece of 12mm plywood cut to the right size for the base (65 x 45cm). I had it done at the hardware shop because it’s done on the table saw which makes it properly square with true straight edges. I also had the parking level piece cut to the correct width (65cm) – this part will be rounded at the front so I’ll be cutting that myself with a jig-saw.


I picked up some 20mm dowel which I’ll use to make the front pillars for the parking level. I also got some off cuts of 44 x 44mm square timber which I’m going to try and make the question mark blocks out of and some 35mm dowel which will be the oil barrels. For the coloured tyres around the edge I’ve bought a piece of 20mm MDF, from which I’m hoping to cut out 40mm discs which I will then drill out the centre of and cut in half to give the buried tyre effect shown in the image below. I’ll probably also use this 20mm MDF for the petrol pumps.


This screenshot shows the half tyres in the foreground and the Yoshi eggs on the pillars.

One last thing I found on eBay is miniature wooden eggs (don’t ask how I stumbled across them!). This immediately made me think of the Yoshi eggs (maybe lights?) that are attached to the support pillars on the Mario Motors building – see the screen shot above. So I’m going to try and include them as well.


Now I’ve got all of my materials I can actually start construction! I’m hoping to get a chance over the next week to make a start of some of the decorative parts like the oil barrels and question marks blocks. Once I’ve got these done I’ll know how many I have and the exact sizes, then I can make slight adjustments to the main body of the garage to fit them all in properly.

Until next week…

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