It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update as I’ve been busy stripping the spare room to turn into nursery number 2 for the new baby (due on October 29th!).

Despite this I have had some time to spend on the garage; mainly I’ve been cutting the pieces for the structure of the building. In the photo below the pieces are propped up to give an idea of how it will fit together. I’ve used a jigsaw to cut the side pieces out of plywood – it can be hard to get straight lines with a jigsaw but if you mark it up correctly and take your time it’s not impossible!

The main parts of the garage propped up to give an idea of the final size.

I used 12mm ply wood for the base and the first floor and 8mm plywood for the walls and the ramp. The 12mm plywood will give it a bit of weight so it doesn’t move while it’s being used and the 8mm plywood is strong enough to take the ‘enthusiastic’ play that I’m sure will be doled out by my son and his friends! I’ve used plywood instead of MDF as it’s structurally a lot more solid when using thinner boards.


Side view showing the ramp which is roughly in place but not yet cut to size.

I mentioned in a previous post about trying to recreate the coloured tyres in the Mario Motors building:


I’ve had a go at cutting a disc from 20mm MDF which I was then planning to drill the centre out of to create a tyre look. This has proved to be very problematic! The MDF is just too thick to easily cut using a hole saw so instead I just tried to buy some pre-cut wooden discs. Unfortunately this was a no go either as I just can’t find any think enough to give a proper tyre effect. I’ve decide to have a go at cutting thinner MDF discs then sticking them together to create a thick disc – it’s going to take a lot more time that I originally thought but I think it’s a really important part of the look I’m trying to achieve.

This disc I did cut was a nightmare to do!

On the curved front of the garage I’m going to put the Chester’s Motors sign:


I want to mount the printout onto a wooden strip to make it nice and solid so it doesn’t get snapped off. I’ve thought for a long time about the best way to do it and I’ve decided to steam bend a piece of 5mm thick pine that I can then screw onto the front. I’ve never done this before but after consulting some YouTube videos I’ve made a jig (see image below) that I’ll clamp together with the steamed pine which should then set to the correct shape when cooled. It’s a lot of extra work but I really wanted to recreate the curved front of the Mario Motors building – it will be worth it!

The jig that I’ll use to bend the pine strip.

Finally I’ve been carrying on making the decorative bits that will give the garage that Mario Kart look. On the Mario Motors building the sign with Mario holding the tyre sits on the top in the middle – I’m planning on putting it to the side of Chester’s garage as the roof will be used as a parking area.


The Mario Motors sign.

I’ve cut out a 12mm plywood shape that I can mount the printed picture onto and then I painted it black so that when the printout is stuck on the edges will blend in with the black wood. In the picture you can also see the petrol pump drawn out on the plywood; I’ll cut two of these out and paint them in a similar way but using green and red instead of black.


My version of the sign is coming along nicely.

It might be a while until the next update as the baby could come any time now! See you soon…