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Mario Kart Toy Garage – A Build Diary - Entry 8

I’m starting to worry I won’t get it finished now!! 9 days to go until I need to have a finished garage (with dry paint) wrapped up for Chester on Christmas morning. This past 2 weeks or so I’ve been working on panting the various parts ready to start actually fitting the whole thing together. Problem is… it’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated. Plus I forgot how much time newborns take up! (Chester’s little brother will be 9 weeks on Saturday)


‘Yoshi eggs’ stuck on nails while drying

My aim is to paint as much as possible while it’s still in parts then to assemble it all and add the finishing touches. I mentioned in a previous post about trying to recreate the wooden slat effect on the interior and exterior wall surfaces – so far it looks pretty good. I’ve done it by painting with an off white coloured silk finish wood paint then marking out where my lines need to go and literally scratching them into the surface with the tip of a sharp screwdriver.

I’m very happy with the wooden slat effect

I didn’t use a knife as I didn’t want the lines to be too thin – also this technique gives the lines a bit of a ragged edge so they have a more ‘worn’ look. Once it’s all put together I’ll go over the walls with a dark brown wash which will hopefully settle into the scratches and make them really stand out to give a 3D effect to the surface.


Various bits getting the paint treatment

All the other small components (tires, Yoshi eggs, pumps etc.) are going to be various colours which I’ve chosen to try and closely match the colours from the Mario Kart 8 version of Mario Motors. These are coming along ok – a bit fiddly but I want to get them nice and evenly coated. I’m using a few layers of thinned acrylic for these parts which I’ll then coat with Mod Podge to seal and fix the paint.


At least the petrol pumps are looking good!

A lot more parts to paint over the new few days – then construction this weekend so I have a few days to put the finishing touches. By the end of next week hopefully I’ll be posting a picture of the final thing!


Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

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