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Mario Maker: The Quest For Decent Levels

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It’s possible you may have read my complaints about the state of the world of Mario Maker. Tired of totem polls of bowsers, blocks containing hidden enemies, and single block spring jumps, I have decided to go on a journey in search of levels that capture the excellence of the Mario community. It didn’t take me too long to start finding what I was looking for. After two nights of playing, these are five levels that I felt stood out among the rest:

First up is Wendy’s busted ship: A pretty solid airship, bomb, and cannon level. It’s tough, and there are wrenches and cannon balls flying all over, but you do have chances to breath. 9E1A-0000-003F-91D9


Next up we have Metal Man’s Stage: Mega Man 2 and 3 were a couple of my favorite games growing up, give me the chance to play as Mega Man in anything and I will probably take it (definitely my favorite smash character). Hopefully I can find more levels from other games recreated with Mario Maker. If only we could make the levels cover more vertical space I would totally make a Kid Icarus level. 1C9C-0000-0020-A83F

Moving along we have Cloudy Seas: Another fairly solid airship level. Be careful not to kill Bowser Jr., It may get you stuck (I’m not sure). A5DF-0000-004E-7A02


Ultra technical level... Enjoy... Do you enjoy wall jumping? You do? Great have I got a level for you! Wall jumps and flying spiky guys... I didn’t actually beat this level. I blame playing on the gamepad, instead of using my pro controller... 2EB1-0000-0043-7F75

Finally we have jump boy, It’s tough, but always feels like you can do it. Remember that you can Mario do a floaty spin in midair, and you’ll get through it in no time. D71B-0000-0021-810C


Maybe I was to hard on the game, there are definitely some gems out there. Is there some levels you felt stood out? Spread the codes, and make sure to star the levels. Post your codes in the comments and I will totally do my best to get through them!

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