I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Lots of great details in this video from GameXplain about Mario Tennis Ultra Smash including:

  1. The game will support just about any controller compatible with Wii U.
  2. The game supports online play.
  3. The game has amiibo support that seems to be similar to the way amiibo work in Smash Bros. You can tap an amiibo to get an amiibo character to join your game, who you can then train and level up, with the ability to store that training on the figure itself.
  4. Rosalina joins the fray as a playable character! She floats instead of running on the ground which is just... OP.
  5. Mega Mushrooms, which we knew about, are thrown out periodically during play. However, Mega Mushrooms can be turned off if you want a Mario Tennis experience sans power-ups.
  6. There is a mode called Mega Ball Rally that is a multiplayer mode which involves volleying a huge ball back and forth.

The game looks fantastic, as most recent Wii U games do. The gameplay seems solid, but it does seem to be sparse on play modes, though it may be that we simply don’t know everything available in the game just yet.

It’s looking like this is yet another game where you’ll use your SMB or SSB amiibo rather than having its own amiibo line. I’m not going to lie—I was kind of excited at the idea of Mario Tennis amiibo, though with no announcement I certainly didn’t expect any.


Who do I have to bribe to get another Mario Strikers?

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