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Marsh's Top Ten Games Of 2013 He Hopes To Play Someday

Santa Claus is known for keeping a list of children who have been either naughty or nice. Game journos have a list about video games they consider they're favorite. My list? It's of 2013 games I didn't play, but might play next year.

Because I planned to play these games, I've kept myself pretty spoiler-free. That means I don't know a whole lot about some of these games' story lines. So, when I talk about what kind of gaming experience I think is in store for me - understand that I might be totally wrong.


With that said, here is my top ten games of 2013 I hope to play, and what I think they're about.

The Last Of Us

In a post-apocalyptic world where cauliflower-headed monsters run wild and free, a beardy guy, and a teenage girl, named Ellie, must fight to stay alive. Their work is sure cut out for them too. Ellie has some sort of discipline problem because she's always cussing. The beardy guy she hangs out with isn't winning any surrogate parent awards this year. But, they're a family.

Gone Home


Spunky college girl comes home for the summer only to find her parents have either moved away or died of cancer. In order to figure out which, she must turn on all the lights in her house, explore rooms, and snoop in diaries to discover the truth.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


In this light-hearted and charming fantasy game, a boy with brown hair and his pet polliwog leave the comforts of their village in order to confront a mischievous White Witch who threatens it. On their way, they meet some strange monsters and befriend a flying dragon who vows to help them save their village.



The princess of wrestling has been kidnapped by gangsters and there's only one Lucha Libre that can save her: Guacamelee!

Papers Please!


With only prejudice, discrimination, and very little evidence, a faceless government clerk must interrogate powerless immigrants who are requesting safe passage into the country.

Payday 2


Everybody knows money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in banks where it gathers interest. When 4 broke, down on their luck clowns plan and execute several bank heists, they discover the true meaning of cooperation.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Being mayor of a town sure is tough with all the flower planting, bridge building, and errand running. But, mayors do whatever they can to make their constituents happy - that is - when they're not drowning in their own debt.

Kentucky Route Zero


Underneath Kentucky there is a tunnel.

Super Mario Worlds 3D


Inspired by cute cat costumes they find in Peach's Palace, Mario and his friends compete in a world-wide race for friendship.

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