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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 4: InvadingDuck's Worst Nightmare

Short review tonight as really nothing has been fixed but overall this was much better than usual.


  • Action. I noticed that actually this show, for being a show about things that require action, has very little of it. This changed a bit in this episode. Some gunplay, kungfu. Now we need some good car chases.
  • Hints of an overarching story. I get it. Every Joss Whedon thing gets cancelled and usually people say, "It's so inaccessible!" or something. Maybe? I don't know. But this show was a bit too "every episode stands alone." The idea that there's a season long bad guy or organization should have been introduced prominently in episode one. Not four. But it's there now and that's good.
  • Characters. Without an overarching story, you really need to have the characters drive the narrative along and be the reason why people keep coming back. Sadly to this point this hasn't been the case. This hasn't changed MUCH but it's getting a little better. I am warming to Skye at least and as the show seems to really be hinging on her, I guess that's a good thing. Ward remains hunky man doof.


  • Stupid. I'm able to forgive a lot as obviously this show requires a leap of faith on a lot of things. It takes place, (although you would never know it) in a universe where aliens ripped a hole in the NYC skyline so I can forgive a lot of the techno jargon and general professor Frinkiness. But C'mon. Let's see just off the top of my head stupid moments this week; 1. OH YES I HAVE SEEN HER EYE SO NOW I CAN FASHION A REPLICA IN THIS PAIR OF GLASSES WITHIN AN HOUR. 2. SURGERY IS OUTSIDE MY AREA OF EXPERTISE. I don't usually swear, but fuck you. Seriously. The most esoteric piece of knowledge is ingrained in your brain. You can make super glasses in 0.5 seconds. You're a biologist of some sort. But injecting someone in the eye and doing eye surgery makes you squeamish? Just...leave the show. Please. I hate Fitzsimmons. 3. So to explain #1 - the bad guy of the week has an implant that lets her have x ray vision. However, she is being controlled and little words pop up that say, "Do what I say or die." At one point the team manages to "hijack the feed (sure. whatever. like I said, it's a superhero show)" and put it in some glasses that Ward wears. The guy who is watching the feed apparently never figures out it's Ward. Somehow. Even though he is white, and she was black. Even though, despite being told "DONT LOOK AT YOUR HANDS" there are several times that he obviously does. and so on. This show is so intelligence insultingly stupid sometimes that it really makes me biased against it. I'm not like a super genius here, but these are things that shouldn't happen.

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