I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Due to everyone's overwhelming response on Friday for the Mascot Contest, I have decided that we will indeed go forth and have the official Mascot Contest! We saw some great submissions last week, and I hope to see them all here again and then some! With that being said, let me go over the purpose, goals, and rules of the contest.**Purpose: **
The purpose behind the mascot contest is to design and choose a mascot that represents us, the denizens of TAY, heretofore known as TAYers (a subdivision of the Kotakuites). As this is a community-run blog, the mascot will be designed by and voted upon by members of the community. The voting is open to lurkers, commentors, authors, and admins alike, but NOT the Kotaku Authors (sorry Stephen, Tina, Evan and crew).**Goals: ****
The goal of this contest is NOT to choose the best drawing. While good drawings are encouraged, all that is required to submit to the contest is to have A drawing. If you want to include a little blurb about what your goal with the drawing was, it is encouraged. The goal here is to choose a mascot that best represents TAY. You could be a terrible drawer, but still have a winning submission that a better artist touches up at a later time as we refine the winning submission. This contest is designed to be INCLUSIVE of all TAYers, so bring on all your best ideas!Rules - Submitting a ****Drawing:**
*Note: All of these rules MUST be abided by, or your submission will be disqualified. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!

  • A submission post must be prefaced by "**Submission**" as the first word in the post
  • A drawing or image of some sort MUST be included in the post
  • The drawing or image MUST be an original work. Anything that appears to be violating ANY sort of copyright law _will _be disqualified
  • All images must follow a PG-13 rating or less
  • Only ONE submission per post
  • You may submit as many drawings as you like, so long as they each have their own "**Submission**" post
  • Posts will NOT be accepted from burner accounts that were created on or after Friday, September 6th
  • A blurb explaining your submission may be included. This is optional, but encouraged**Rules - Voting on a Drawing: **
    *Note: All of these rules MUST be abided by, or your vote will NOT be counted. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!
  • Your vote MUST be a reply to a "**Submission**" post
  • Your vote MUST say "Vote" as the first word in the post. Any other text you include is optional after that point
  • You may ONLY vote 3 (THREE) times. If you post more, NONE of your votes will be counted. I _will _be keeping track of this in an excel spreadsheet, so I will know if you violated the rule. ETA: This means you can only vote **once **per submission, but you can vote for up to three submissions.
  • Posts will NOT be accepted from burner accounts that were created on or after Friday, September 6th
  • Voting will be left open until Wednesday, September 11th at 9:00pm EDT. No submissions will be counted of they are date-stamped after that time

Once I've tallied the votes, a new post will go up next Monday for the finalists. I'm not sure how many there will be at this point. It depends on the total number of submissions and votes. The next round will decide the official mascot. I look forward to seeing all of your submissions. Remember, above all, have fun

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