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I’ve been on a space kick recently. I read space news nigh religiously. I’ve been watching The Martian, Gravity, Interstellar, the Riddick series, and Star Wars (even giving the prequels a legit viewing). I also played through the Mass Effect Trilogy. Again. Twice.


For some reason that will possibly never be known to man, that last part got me thinking about the upcoming sequel, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Playing through the trilogy again really shows the growth of the series, and makes me look forward to what the next entry holds. For example, the Mako has been briefly shown off in promotional materials, and I hope this sequel manages to include all the best things from each game: the armor and weapon customization of first game, the gameplay and options of 3, and the pace & cohesion of 2's story. I really, REALLY can’t wait for the new game.

When they announced it a while back with only concept art to show, I remember being struck by the title. Andromeda. “That’s cute,” I thought, “because Andromeda is our closest galactic neighbor.” Whereas the gaming media pointed out that, more likely, it was because the new game took place in our closest galactic neighbor. After all, it’s not like there could possibly be ANYTHING left to see in the Milky Way, right?

(Who could forget the mission where Shepard escorted a Drell emissary through the beautiful oceans of Kajhe to dispute the terms of his Compact at the Hanar capitol? Or when Shepard alone ended the hostilities between the human Alliance and batarian Hegemony by flying to their home world and negotiating peace, instead of killing them off-screen unceremoniously? I for one will never forget vast plains and small villages of Dekuuna, when I witnessed an actual Elcor “terrorist”. Or... ok, you get it.)


I’ve gotten side-tracked, sorry. Space is my Jam, like Bugs Bunny and Jordan, so I gush and let the ADD take over. So, Mass Effect will be my unifying thought, but expect tangents. For instance, Venus has no plate tectonics. Nor a moon. Do you think we could hurl a couple asteroids at it to jumpstart the process (even on a geological timeframe)? Might even create a moon. Or two. Or a ring! Might need a Defense System around earth though, just in case...


More on topic, did you know Mass Effect Andromeda is already (depressingly) scientifically accurate? That’s as far as we’ll ever go. That’s it. More specifically, the Local Group is the most our reach will ever...uh...reach. That’s comprised of the Milky Way, Andromeda, a couple dwarf galaxies, and at least maybe one dwarf-galaxy-made-of-dark-matter-probably-I-mean-we-sorta-see-its-gravitational-pull-but-if-we-could-directly-image-it-we-wouldn’t-call-the-matter-that-comprises-it-dark-now-would-we. It’s covered in a video, here:

It’s some sad stuff. Or not. Galaxies are fricken huge, after all. But yeah, kudos, new ME game. Very science, such accurate.


Thats all I wanted to share, but come on down to the comments, let’s talk space. Like, did I enjoy the prequels? If time, money, and resources weren’t an issue, could a planet-spanning electromagnet protect Mars from solar wind? How many times did Tiberius/Tiberienne Shepard punch al-Jibrani? How many times did YOURS? Let’s talk space, bruh!!

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