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Mass Effect Book Club: Week 3 Meeting

The Mass Effect Book Club is now in session!

Week 3: Sections 5-6 (a bunch of random side-missions)


So, this week was a pretty random chunk of gameplay, huh? No progress in the main story but we did run into a couple of interesting side quests.

  • Hostile Takeover: How did you handle the end of this assignment? If you've ever run into Helena Blake again in ME2 how did she react to you?
  • Rogue VI: That was sort of a pain in the ass, right? So many drones, such dead squad mates. So what specialization did you pick at the end? Also, we know that this VI would later be modified with reaper tech to become the AI known as EDI (or did you know that? **SPOILER ALERT**). The journal entry implies that the VI was tinkered with in order to allow it to achieve sentience - who do you think is behind that and more importantly, why did they do it?
  • On a totally unrelated note, Cerberus! We saw that they were working with both rachni and thorian creepers; without spoiling future main-story missions for those who haven't played do you think this means that the Illusive Man was already working with the reapers at this point? And hey, did you give the requested information to the Shadow Broker once you got back on the Normandy?

For next week play through sections 7 and 8 (play schedule is here).

On Friday, June 27 we'll be playing through the Noveria mission while chatting on Steam at 6:00 pm EST. Whether you're actually playing or just want to chat, join us!

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