I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The Mass Effect Book Club is now in session! Almost on time, even.

Week 4: Noveria and some random UNC assignments

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Not a huge chunk of gameplay this week - a double-dose of rachni with the Noveria and Listening Post/Depot Sigma-23 missions, plus a trap laid by a pirate with a fantastic name.

A few discussion questions to get the conversation started:

  • Noveria - Did you take Liara with you or leave her on the ship (you heartless monster)? What did you think of the Noveria mission overall? It's my personal second-favorite main story mission but I've heard from people who found it to be a bit tedious, what with all of the station repairs and side-quests before you reach Benezia. And of course: did you kill the rachni queen or let her go, and what was the reasoning behind your decision?
  • UNC: Listening Posts/Depot Sigma-23 - We first found rachni being studied on Noveria, now we find the little critters at large after a Cerberus study gone wrong. For an "extinct" species these little guys sure get around. When the log talked about the latest batch of Cerberus rachni being developed in proximity to the "master control unit" does that mean they were from the queens on Noveria? Or are we to assume that Cerberus has another rachni queen squirreled away somewhere? Those rachni queens, there's always a new one when you need one, huh? ;)
  • UNC: Espionage Probe - There's additional dialogue with Haliat for certain Shepard types (war hero/ruthless/sole survivor); how did your conversation go? He seemed nice.

As always, feel free to throw out your own questions to the group or discuss anything that comes to mind.

For next week: play sections 9 and 10 (play schedule is here).

I'd normally say "live Steam chat on Friday!" but that's a holiday - is anyone going to be around, do you think? We could always move it to Sunday, July 6th. Thoughts?

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