I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

The Mass Effect Book Club is now in session!

Week 5: Feros and a bunch of UNC assignments

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First, an excellent question from Jolly:

This is less a question specifically for the part we played through, and more just a general Mass Effect question, but how long does it really take to fly around the galaxy, from relay to relay, etc? It's obvious it doesn't happen in real time, and certain cutscenes and dialogue imply it can be at least hours before a ship reaches a relay. Has anybody else tried to come up with a general answer for this?

Personally, I've been assuming a day for each relay you have to hit along your journey somewhere. Different series, but in Dragon Age 2 I read a codex entry that stated the entirety of DA:O took place in about 8 months. Seems about the right amount of time to have the events of Mass Effect take place as well.


... anyone have an answer? The wiki page tells us that roughly a dozen light-years can be tackled in a day's cruise but I'm thinking intra-system travel times to get to the various relays would probably depend entirely on the size of a given system. Thoughts?


On to week 5!

  • Feros - Is it just me or do the creepers become a real pain in the ass on insanity? Anyone else? Ok just me. So did you manage to use the Thorian gas grenades to save every single colonist? Or did you just mow them all down because Shep don't give a damn? What did you do with Shiala at the end?
  • UNC Assignments - How did you handle Major Kyle and Corporal Toombs? How about the hostage crisis? Life support guy? And how about those monkeys scampering away with the module? I hate that one.

For week 6 - play sections 11-13 ("Bring Down the Sky" DLC optional). Play schedule is here.

Live Steam chat will be on Friday, July 11th at 6:00 pm EST. Hosted by DS since I'll be at work - have fun you crazy kids :)

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