I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Mass Effect Book Club: Week 6 Meeting

The Mass Effect Book Club is now in session!

Week 6: Geth Incursions, UNC assignments and Bring Down the Sky

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Time of Live Play has changed — see bottom for details!

I had a good talk with Garrus yesterday. We were reminiscing about time long past, mainly because he was supposed to arrive several hours earlier. So, when I jokingly called him out on his lack of punctuality, he simply shrugged and said, "I've got reach and time has flexibility."


Anywho — On to week 6!

  • UNC: Geth Incursions/Tali and the Geth: This is definitely one of the most tedious side quests in the entire game, as it focuses heavily on combat, which is not Mass Effect's strong suit. If you played on a harder difficult what are some tricks you used to kill the Geth that bombarded you on each planet? Also, when you gathered the Geth data and returned to the Normandy, did you allow Tali to make a copy of it?
  • UNC: Derelict Freighter: This is a pretty cut and dry side quest, tasking you with boarding a dilapidated ship, in the Maroon Sea cluster, that is completely overrun with husks that long to give you electric hugs full of pain. Did you happen to get overrun, or were you and your team able victors in the onslaught?
  • UNC: ExoGeni Facility: More Thorian creepers to contend with, so hopefully this time you had a chance to ask them to breathe deeply, unless you got rid of those gas grenades. Honestly, who didn't? What did you decide to do in regards to Dr. Ross and her compatriots? Did you accept their bribe, or make them face an imminent and most deserved demise?
  • UNC: Colony of the Dead: Cerberus is at it again. More husks, which means more electric hugs and lethal patty-cake parties.
  • UNC: Besieged Base or UNC: The Negotiation: This one is Paragon/Renegade dependent. For Paragon players, you received the assignment Besieged base. Biotic terrorists have drugged scientists and held them hostage, meaning you and your squad have to avoid friendly fire, unless you consider the civilians more notches on your rifle. I do ... sometimes ... maybe. How about you all? The Negotiation, however, is for Renegade players and tasks you with discussing the mining rights to a certain, element zero-rich asteroid. Did you negotiate, or did you go on the offensive and face several Krogan as well as other enemies?
  • Optional - X57: Bring Down the Sky: Those bug-eyed Batarians are hurling an asteroid toward the human colony of Terra Nova in the Asgard system. (Thanks for nothing, Thor. We are in your backyard, here!) Not to worry, though — they get what's coming to them later on.

The last hurrah of the Normandy crew is incoming! It's going to be a race against time now, as Shepard and his team have received a transmission from a Salarian Special Tasks Group on Virmie and are being sent there right-stat-immediately.

And, since time is of the essence, the Normandy team will also be heading to Ilos and the Citadel (and having one of the greatest conversations in any game), meaning we will be tackling sections 14 and 15, thereby completing Mass Effect!


Live Steam chat will be on Saturday, July 19th at 5:00 pm EST. Yeah, we are holding it later, because time is of the essence — makes sense if you don't think about it.

The schedule, for our final Live Play, can be found here.

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