DISCLAIMER: THIS WAS NOT SPONSORED I just think their games are cute.

Hey everyone I have been playing phone games since I finally got an okay phone. However all I did was get tapper/clicker/idle games. These are just a few. They can be played for free and don’t actually have much in the way of ridiculous micro transactions.

So the main point of these three games is to tap to gain Love but submitting marriage registrations as the lil wives or husbands run across the screen. You can level them up to increase th passive Love per second that can be gained idling. Also while you tap to pass the time. But leveling them up you can spend love to get them a gift which multiplies their love per second and when you get them all their gifts you unlock a cg of them. There are also achievements to get to increase you marriage registration power!

I will include links to a gallery of the cgs HERE


Unfortunately I do not have the CGS for 10 B husbands my sister played that one she says Wild husband was the best because he was a gorilla in a suit. Now onto a slightly different version of the previous games but this one has a bit of a story.


In the ULTIMATE KEPT MAN LIFE you play a guy who has a nice girlfriend who is well off. You try to do things around the house to make sure her father doesn’t kick you out however in your quest to not do any work. You end up doing a bunch of ridiculous things. First it just starts with doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cooking buying flowers and since. Eventually YOU get her a dog and build her a house and furnish it! However it doesn’t stop there you eventually because you can’t continue to do all these things you cover japan in 10 billion (yes a reference to the other games) shadow clones of yourself. It goes even further but I won’t spoil all of it.

The difference in this game is that instead of just raising your allowance per click and your allowance over time you can gamble your money away to raise your personal level. You can go out but for every time you go out there is a chance you will get busted by your girlfriend’s father. And he can catch you potentially anywhere. If he catches you he takes all of your money away so best strategy for me particularly was to use all my money to upgrade my chores then try it raise my level so I didn’t lose to much money. But all in all playing passively like maybe checking in every other day and tapping when I was bored in bed getting ready to wind down I got the game done in a few weeks.

That’s all for me now. Later TAYters



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