This will be much shorter than the results. Let’s just dive into it. Groot, what’s the theme for May’s first TAY SURVEY?

No, no. That was the LAST survey. R@NDØM ÇH@Ø$ is over. Try again.

Closer! But don’t you think it’s a little bit early to ask the game of the YEAR?

One more time, now...


Yes!!!! Game of the Generation! Good job Groot!

So yeah, this survey is not nearly as whacky (that’s May Survey 2: May Survey-er). But it’s still important.

There’s a series of questions asking your favorite games in many genres, with the chance to write your own for when I don’t include it (which is frequently since I write these off the dizzome...that’s just how baller I am).


Ball so hard, muhfukkaz wanna fine me...

This generation has been kicking around for almost 4 years now. Which games stuck with you the most?

At the end, you can say how hyped you are for the games around the corner. As always, have fun! Here’s the link to vote (if you’re cool enough to have read all of this first):

Also, be sure to check out TAY SURV3Y’s results before taking the T4Y SURVEY, if you haven’t yet.