I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The following took place between 23:02:40 EDT and 23:28:17 EDT in the TAY IRC. The names haven’t been changed to protect anyone and the events are REAL.

<@DisturbedShadow> bleh

<@DisturbedShadow> idk what to do right now

<Sa1vador> Go to wikipedia.

<Sa1vador> Type in a word.

<Sa1vador> See how long till you end up in comic books

<@DisturbedShadow> ok

<@DisturbedShadow> give me a starting word

<Sa1vador> Stranger

<@DisturbedShadow> lol

<@DisturbedShadow> 2 clicks motherfucker

<@DisturbedShadow> 2 clicks

<@DisturbedShadow> thats all it took

<Sa1vador> Ha!

<@DisturbedShadow> but thats picking the most relevant link

<Sa1vador> Ok. Give me a second.

<@DisturbedShadow> lets see how long it takes if i just pick the first like im supposed to

<@DisturbedShadow> lost count already

<@DisturbedShadow> >.<

<Sa1vador> haha

Start from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supergrav…

<@DisturbedShadow> and go where

<@DisturbedShadow> can i use any link i want?

<Sa1vador> Sure.

<@DisturbedShadow> going back to comic book?

<Sa1vador> Sure.

<Sa1vador> Or sex.

<Sa1vador> Thought I don’t have that happen as often as some people apparently.

<Sa1vador> ...in Wiki I mean.

<Sa1vador> >.>

<Sa1vador> <.<

<@DisturbedShadow> i got to comic book in 7 strategic clicks

<Sa1vador> From supergravity?

<Sa1vador> Impressive

<@DisturbedShadow> supergravity>general relativity>albert einstein>albert einstine in popular culture>multiverse>parallel universe (fiction)>marvel comics>comic book

<@DisturbedShadow> probably coulda got there quicker but thats jsut what i clicked on

<Sa1vador> You probably coulda gotten multiverse on the first page

<@DisturbedShadow> i clicked relativity hoping i could jump from einstein to comic book

<Sa1vador> YOu were close.

<Sa1vador> I like this game.

<@DisturbedShadow> i like this version better than the race to get there first or quickest time

<@DisturbedShadow> i like deducing the most strategic path to get there in the least ammount of clicks

<Sa1vador> Hmm

<Sa1vador> Trying to think of another


<Sa1vador> Halo 5 is gonna have microtransactions

<Sa1vador> Boo.

<@DisturbedShadow> beetroot to where

<@DisturbedShadow> and booo indeed

<Sa1vador> I’ll give you two minutes to end up in the most ridiculous page.

<Sa1vador> O!

<Sa1vador> Scratch that

<Sa1vador> Try to get to the Oculus Rift

<@DisturbedShadow> ok lol

<@DisturbedShadow> made it to humans so far

<Sa1vador> This pleases and entertains me

<Sa1vador> Continue

<Sa1vador> I can’t wait to see the trail you get.

<@DisturbedShadow> now im at tumblr

<Sa1vador> Be careful of going too deep DS

<Sa1vador> *insert inception meme here*

<@DisturbedShadow> man theres no links of use here

<@DisturbedShadow> thought there might be

<@DisturbedShadow> im probably taking wrong steps

<Sa1vador> Where are you now?

<@DisturbedShadow> video game

<@DisturbedShadow> im close

<Sa1vador> Damn

<Sa1vador> Impressive

<@DisturbedShadow> why is there not a link on the occurance of the phrase “virtual reality” on this page

<@DisturbedShadow> T.T

<Sa1vador> Oh come on.

<Sa1vador> It should be a cakewalk once you hit video game

<Sa1vador> VirtuaBoy!

<@DisturbedShadow> made it

<@DisturbedShadow> oh hey i didnt evven think of that

<@DisturbedShadow> until i got to it

<@DisturbedShadow> alright lets see the path i took

<Sa1vador> You almost spent twenty minutes on that DS

<Sa1vador> 17 mintues give or take

<@DisturbedShadow> beetroot>taproot>root>organ (anatomy)>anatomy>human body>human>art critcism>tumblr>Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act>YouTube>video game console>video game>video game industry>nintendo>virtual reality>oculus rift

<Sa1vador> 15 clicks

<Sa1vador> or pages

<Sa1vador> Just shy of a page a minute.

<Sa1vador> Didja have fun?

<@DisturbedShadow> i couldve got there faster probably

<@DisturbedShadow> yes but i cant do taht again

<@DisturbedShadow> lol

Madness folks.

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