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You gotta hand it to Sony for the effort they're putting into Freedom Wars. They recently released a promotional music video featuring Panna, Opti, and Cony, "Propaganda Idols" used to gain the sentiments of the Panopticons' citizens. They're a kind of Accessories, which are the AI companions of players. Think Hatsune Miku but for in-game political propaganda (though I don't think they used Vocaloids for that PV. If they did that's some real good Vocaloid usage).

I like Cony's cat ears. Image Source: Siliconera

Let's all hope that they play randomly in the background on hubs then feel guilty for being subservient to a Government that asks you to serve a million year prison sentence.


These efforts are also quite reassuring. At the very least, Freedom Wars should be pretty well-received and help the Vita get a boost in Japan. This marketing effort doesn't really translate that well to Western audiences but at least we know they're trying, right?

Head over to the link/source for the video (I don't know how to embed Nico Nico videos)

Source: Siliconera / niconico


Feel free to spend a million years over at TAYClassic.

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