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Meet Your Maker, Courtesy of Marowak! Pokemon One a Day!

Pokemon One a Day: Marowak

Bone Keeper Pokemon

Ground Type

Cubone has evolved into the Punisher! Or some sort of brolic super hero~

Marowak arrives on Pokemon One a Day, bigger and more badass than ever. I really didn't think I would have interpreted his body as what it is seen here, but the pose was more or less something I had planned from the start.


Marowak as seen in the anime (NOW AVAILABLE ON INSTANT STREAMING ON NETFLIX!) inspired this samurai/swordsmen like pose and demeanor. When I originally drew up the piece, I had the bone held vertically, but it ended up looking like Marowak was playing for Team Electabuzz. Eventually, I decided to have the bone laid out a bit more horizontally/slightly diagonal, which looks better than the initial plan.

When we last left off from Cubone, I wondered if the direction for Marowak would evolve with the thought of going after the world in revenge or using his strength to help others in need. Turns out that according to the Dex, Marowak is a ferocious Pokemon and is quite versed in angsty tirades. I can't imagine all of them are like that, so I made mine more of a soft spoken bad ass hero to those in need. This Marowak punishes those who abuse their power or prey on the weak, and leaves his enemies cowering in fear.


Style-wise, Marowak's portrayal evolves from Cubone's scratchy aesthetic. This time, the lines are energetic opposed to looking desperate and frail. Another visual connection between the two is the expression as seen in the visible eye of both Pokemon. Cubone's eye is closed and brimming with tears. Marowak's eye is also closed but portrays a contemplative moment before justice is promptly serviced, bone katana delivery express. He looks calm and collected, no longer tortured by his traumatic past.

During the evolutionary process, the helmet that young Cubone wore as protection melded onto his flesh as a permanent reminder of the purpose Marowak holds in the world today.


As for the rest of the visual nature of the piece, it looks sort of inspired of the Mario Strikers art, doesn't it? I had used a similar style that was messy like this with Nidorino, although viewers like you (PBS status haha) mentioned Nido reminded you of the Wind Waker style. In terms of anatomy, like I said before, i wouldn't have dreamed of the piece going as humanoid as it is now. The original draft showcases the smaller form of Marowak, which doesn't look as nearly as intimidating for the thought I put into the backstory for this one. I added some bone like elements to the tail to add some even more flair, as I wish Marowak had decorations as such...Perhaps in the form of a Mega Evolution then!


And there you have it! A Marowak, ready to deliver justice to the cruel world. I hope you enjoyed today's artwork and the thoughts that went behind it. See you tomorrow!



P.S. I have totally retconned in my mind that Kangaskhan is the real deal mama to Cubone, it is too late for you, Nintendo! I found this pretty cool fan made animated sprite of a proposed male counterpart to Kangaskhan that would totally be awesome! Just thought you guys might be interested.


+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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