I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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"Mega Man XXV - The Second & ½" is Out!

No, we haven't time warped into last week. This Friday I have a brand new EP for everyone to enjoy!

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The fourth entry in my ongoing celebration of the twenty five years of Mega Man. "Mega Man XXV - The Second & ½" covers the music of Game Boy's "Mega Man 2". I know it's not the greatest example of the franchise because not everything works well after recycling assets from the NES to the Game Boy, a lesson that Capcom learned for future instalments of the series by not outsourcing the game to outside companies (at least during the following years...). Yet for some people, this was their first entry into the Mega Man series and as such it holds a place dear in their memories. One of such people is my friend Factory81 (not his birth name) of "Shiryu & F81 Play!" fame and to whom I would like to dedicate this release. This one is for you, buddy! You're still a huge *censored*, mind!

Like Gradius, life is made of options so feel free to choose your favourite flavour from the links below:

Free MP3 Download - Bandcamp Lossless Purchase - YouTube Stream

Well, that was an insane month of January. Five EP releases, one for each Friday of the month. Let's not do that again any time soon, eh? I am already hard at work on my next album, this one will be a big, special edition type affair. I think only my IRC TAY brothers and TAY sisters know what I am working on... but I promise as soon as it is ready, you will find out about it right here.


I guess that's all from me for now. Remember: Play Hard, Play Loud!

PS: A big shout-out to Philip Glass, it's his birthday. So here is something I made a few years ago for fun.

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