I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Mega Metal Monday: Allegaeon

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Hey everyone! I'm not sure if you remember, but in Old TAY, I had this MMM thing going on, and I figured I should give it a try on here, because why not?


Well, in any case, today's pick is Allegaeon's Iconic Images. Uh, the reason I picked this is because, well, it's sort of one of the few songs from their recent album that's still on Youtube ^^; Also because this one had less "anti-church" stuff, and I figured it would be a bit tasteless to just post that after Easter or something. I dunno, I don't expect you guys to be unreasonable angry people, but I've been in too many arguments regarding religion to be able to tolerate one here on TAY :P

But anyways, they're a Melodic Technical Death Metal band from Colorado, and they've already produced two full-length albums and an EP. Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, there's not much on Youtube by them, now a days, but you could still totally buy their stuff online. And yes, those are 8-strings, in case anyone was wondering. Another fun fact about the video, it was shot during a forest fire in Colorado, and you can see some of the smoke in the background ^^ Well, I hope you all enjoy! :D

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