I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Mega Update #7

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It turns out my health problems were a lot less dire than I first thought. The tremors turned out to be a side effect of a medication I was taking, and they’ve stopped since I stopped taking it. My health is still not great, but I’ve been able to work on Kaiju Crush largely unimpeded. The script for Pegi’s route is done and mostly coded, and now I just need to finish up the next 6 cut scenes that need to be drawn and colored. I might put off working on Zira’s route for just a little bit longer as I start thinking about things like an official website for the game and so forth. I still want to get the game done by some time this summer, maybe that will be my theme for the SixTAY Day article challenge for this year. My time table looks something like this:

-Pegi cut scenes

-Editing Pegi’s route

-Write Zira’s route

-Zira cut scenes and assets

-Editing Zira’s route

-Write Koni’s script

-Koni cut scenes and assets

-Editing Koni’s route

-Another run through of entire game


-Web site

-Game release

Somewhere between finishing Koni’s cut scenes and editing her route I’ll feel comfortable to confirm an official release date. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before I start submitting the finished game to Epic and Steam because of changes to their terms of service, and have enough time to do a big promotional campaign. Getting people to notice your work is an even bigger job than actually finishing the project. It’s why I ask you guys so much to check out my work and tell people about it, because a goofy little game like mine is very easy to lose in the void.


Twitter: @CrushKaiju

Itch: http://bwillettcomics.itch.io/Kaiju-Crush

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