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Megadrive's "Project Y" Music Sampler

Water Melon certainly has been quietly tinkering away with their 40 megabit Megadrive /Genesis cartridge "Streets of Rage 2 Killer" code name "Project Y". I have this under my radar after I read Retro Gamer's latest issue, along with some quite impressive leaked images from the current build. But this time I am writing this in to let you listen to GroveMaster303 & Jredd VGM format soundtrack sampler:

Powerful stuff! And a snippet from GroveMaster303 man himself:

Myself and Jredd have been working on this for around almost a year now. So far we have composed around 50 tracks which should be enough. But If the game needs any more music before it's released, then so be it.

I just love when people come together and produce such amazing stuff in video game consoles the industry classifies as "dead".

OMAKE: Here are the other leaked pictures. Yes, this is running on Megadrive!


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