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With all the bad reviews I was expecting absolute garbage from Men in Black: International. I was surprised to find just another fun silly Men in Black movie with cool aliens and a big adventure. I think the biggest problem with the movie is the terrible writing. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson play their characters just fine, but goddamn are they not written well. Most of their lines are obvious and flat. The writers clearly had no idea what to do with Thompson’s character, Agent M, other than sandwiching her with a ton of boring stagnant lines in-between a beginning and an end of something about wanting to understand the nature of the universe. Her character arch is a flat line with two blips at the start and end. Hemsworth’s character, Agent H, has a much clearer plot but it’s very generic - how many snarky party boy heroes do we need to see reform when the shit hits the fan?

Everyone checking out Agent H

The plot of the movie itself was pretty cool and should have been more developed. The two enemies following the agents around get repetitive and all the info behind why they’re doing what they’re doing just comes out in a quick couple lines near the end before the final battle.

Still - it gives you what you want to see in a Men in Black movie: cool aliens, cool effects, cute aliens, ridiculous alien weapons, sleek MIB headquarters and characters, and a fictitious glimpse behind the curtain.

I can’t say it’s worth a movie ticket price, but it’s worth watching when you get a chance. If, like me, you have some kind of monthly moviepass type of thing (I have the one from AMC) go check it out! It’s definitely more fun in the theaters than anywhere else.

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