There's a few things I'd like to talk about and/or ask of TAY, but none of them are individually substantial enough to justify making a full article about. So, as I've done before, here's a stupendous omnibus article from the finest man ever produced by Sarnia, ON... Aside from maybe Col. Chris Hadfield. Or the guy that played Scotty on Star Trek (he wasn't born there, but he went to my high school). Or Sid Meier, the Civ guy. I'll settle for fourth. Anyway:

- I've seen people link a website that tracks their game collection, but I keep forgetting what it is. I want to keep a list of all my games handy for when I start live streaming regularly, so I can take recommendations. Help a white dude out?

- I bought a Sega Power Base Converter thingy (it plays SMS games on Genesis) today for a paltry $15. Came with After Burner, boxed, and a mystery game with no label. Cleaned the mystery game - "Lord of the Sword". Might as well just call it King of the Penis, Sega of America. I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOUR MIND WAS UP TO.

- Speaking of converting the bases of power, what are some good SMS games to pick up? The graphics and sound don't make me want to vomit like on the NES, so I may as well pick a few up. I know I want R-Type, but beyond that, I'm completely in the dark.

- Apparently I'm going LARPing next weekend with a friend of mine. I've already partially written my character - Captain Toasterhead, a druid-like chaotic neutral character who is clearly both insane and homeless, with bits of prophecy lost in incoherent rambling. Oh, and he wears a toaster on his head. It's a post-apocalypse LARP.


- On this weekend's hike, I went to the Cheltenham Badlands in Caledon, ON. I'd suggest that people see it, because it's completely unique in the world, but tourists are slowly destroying it by leaving garbage everywhere, setting bonfires, letting their dogs shit everywhere, etc. Way I see it, if you can't abide by the ethics of Leave No Trace - "Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time" - you should be banned from leaving the city. Anyway, I took some great pictures. View some of them below!