Welcome to Menu Review, which is pretty self-explanatory. There’s gonna be no pause menus here, stopping is for wimps. Main menus are where it’s at. First up, PAYDAY 2.

So how does this work? I’m gonna look at various aspects of the menu and they will gain an Arbitrary Point (ArbPoint) if I approve, lose an ArbPoint if I disapprove, and get nothing if it’s meh.



The game has three startup videos, but thankfully all can be skipped instantly. The first video is updated with whatever new content is out, which is a nice touch.

+1 ArbPoint. Total = 1


You can change the music to be any from a large selection of songs from PAYDAY 2’s soundtrack, promotional music, and that one Christmas soundtrack. Sadly, no loud music that you might hear in-game is allowed, but any menu that lets me play music like Flames Of Love gets an ArbPoint.

+1 ArbPoint. Total = 2

Auditory/Visual Feedback:

Hovering over items gives a little *click* sound, and selecting choices gives a high pitched click. Going back gives a lower-pitch click. Overall, makes it clear when you’ve selected something. Hovering over some items make them grow larger, and equipping items gives that item a border. Very easy to understand.


+1 ArbPoint. Total = 3


PAYDAY 2’s menu has a host of options for you. Online play, offline, inventory, skills, options, as well as small things such as credits and an option to visit your safe house. Overall a good selection. It’s easy to do everything that needs to be done frequently without entering a sub-menu.


+1 ArbPoint. Total = 4


The font’s pretty nice. It’s easy to read, and looks pretty cool. That’s about it really.


+1 ArbPoint. Total = 5

Choice Planement:

Here’s where the issue lies. There’s way too much stuff on the main page. Yes, matchmaking, offline modes, options, items and skills are useful. The rest could easily be moved to submenus. Thankfully, stuff that is similar is bunched together which makes things a bit easier, and I was going to forgive it due that that. However, when you start up the first thing that’s selected is the page to open DLC. THAT’S JUST ANNOYING. >:C


-1 ArbPoint. Total = 4

Mouse Usage:

Mouse works completely, even with the settings page.

+1 ArbPoint. Total = 5


Payday 2’s menu is very pleasing to look at. Options are all aligned to the right, so it’s easy to scan through them. You can also see your character with the weapons and armour you’ve chosen, and you can even rotate them.


Every time you boot up the game, your character stands in a different pose.


The money-print background and burning money in the foreground make you feel like a badass, because you have so much cash that you can just burn it all. The menu also tells you some nice tidbits like your level and the amount of money you have. Very nice.

+1 ArbPoint. Total = 6

With a grand total of 6 ArbPoints... I approve. C: