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Metal Gear Solid Theme Guitar Cover

Hey all! I'm WingZero351 and I write things like this.

Also, I do these music covers, too.


So, as I said way back then, I wanted to share my guitar covers with my fellow TAYer's, because, again, seriously: best community ever.

This is my cover of the theme to Metal Gear Solid. (The version that plays at the beginning of MGS2.

I goofed a couple bits, and had to improvise a little, as this is not a guitar song. But I think it came out pretty ok. I wish I could record better instead of just using my iPad camera. (Which explains the odd angle and cruddy sound). Someday, I'll hook up to a computer or something and record the right way, and make my own backing tracks and such. My house is still not really set up for doing things like that, plus work and junk.

Oh, and the sunglasses are just for fun.

Enjoy, and let me know what you'd like to hear in the future! Keep in mind that A) I'm an average guitarist at best, and B) I'm working on a Chrono Trigger cover album project, so don't bother suggesting any of those songs :)


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