I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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(Morie posting on behalf of Dyram because his work is dumb and, even though he can see TAYCLASSIC, he still can't even make posts there from work.)

Sorry everyone! Due to some other obligations of some of the players, the stream for tonight will have to be cancelled. We're trying to reschedule for another night this week, but it's looking iffy. If we can get a group goingtomorrow, we'll stream that and make a new post, but if not, then we'll be taking this week AND next week off as one of the regular members (Thar/Dan) will be on vacation. We should hopefully be back on the 29th at the latest. We'll keep you posted!


For Monster Hunter Night for TAY people to hop on and play, we're going to try to push that to Thursday this week. Turnout was a little light last week on Friday, so we want to give Thursday this week a try. I can't guarantee that Morie or I will be able to make it (dinner plans and I'll be gone all weekend), but we can at least have the post up for everyone to organize teams. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Worst case scenario, I can always schedule the post to make teams for Friday.

Sorry everyone! I hope you don't feel let down, but I want everyone to have some happy hunting!

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