I'm really feeling it!

Might want to change your passwords if you're on Amazon, or a number of other sites. The Daily Dot is reporting that hackers have released a document containing approximately 13,000 usernames/passwords/credit card information. The sites are basically retail and, well, porn. Among them: Amazon, PSN, XBox Live, Origin, Walmart, Dell, and Twitch.tv.

Update 12/28/2014: Gizmodo also reported on this story, and made the following statement:


"Many people are questioning the authenticity of this hack. It looks more and more like it was some dumb troll who wanted attention using old credit card leaks. True or not, change your passwords for everything just to be safe. Better yet, throw all your devices that connect to the internet into a river and go start a utopian community or something. I assure you, you'll probably be happier. Just stay away from the Kool-Aid."

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