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Mike Fahey is a Scaredy Cat, and I'm Definitely Braver Than Him

Cast your mind back to the 4 days ago of this-ter-year, where Mike Fahey was scared witless by a baby game with baby graphics and baby voice acting in a (albeit good) game created for baby people.


Well I can happily report that I only screamed at LEAST 2 or 3 times! I forget, because I was too busy screaming at the pop-up wall enemies. However there is one thing that separates us MEN from the BABY CHILDS. It is the pure, adrenaline driven spur of inane ANGER.

That is a net gain of at least 78 masculinities, because I got angry. Check it out here:

Viexi is a Let’s Player on YouTube who probably shouldn’t be playing scary games at all, due to his weak constitution and high-pitched screams of terror. If you are a fan of his work, please consider visiting his YouTube channel, consider laughing at some of these silly 140-character musings, or send a great deal of “GEDDOUTTA’ERE” hatemail to his inbox at danvxcgaming@gmail.com. A great deal of respect to Mr. Fahey, too. I’m a HUGE fan.

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