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Monday! Well, as I said before, this post is generally to just put something out there for people to kill time or whatever and have something to think about other than just mindlessly performing tasks like the soulless drones we all are. . . . . we all are that way, right?? Whatever. Anyways, apologies for replying so late. I had a very busy weekend, and also, for some reason, certain replies weren't flagged in my notifications box :I But anyways, onto my first topic!

-"We won't be bored, I have cable"

As I said, I had a very busy weekend. After murdering my mind with an over saturation of anime over what I believe was Friday night, I woke up with a slight feeling of a hangover, and decided to fix up my car because "Well, I have nothing else to do". I replaced the brake pads by myself, and then gave up on fixing the air conditioning by myself, and simply took it to a mechanic. So, instead of walking back home and having to depend on the shoddy public transportation we have here, I decided to just stay there and entertain myself with something. Honestly, I just didn't feel like walking in 90F, and I figured I may as well check out what I'm missing out on by not having cable installed. . . . . . and I remembered why I don't watch TV. I was watching some show about Alaskan state troopers, and noticed that, for every 5-7 minutes of program content, there were at least 8-9 commercials. And here I thought I was paying for the special channels and the programs they had to offer. Nope, in reality, it seems you're paying for the variety of ads on TV. Now I don't have to check my spam box to have Viagra ads remind me of all the lame The Matrix jokes I used to make about the stuff (Get it? It's a blue pill. . . . ) I can just watch them on TV. Hell, how could I miss out on so many Pillsbury commercials? I mean, I have to get rid of that leanness somehow, right? But seriously though, maybe I'm just a terribly jaded naive college student, but what's the point of cable anyway? I'm perfectly happy with just using Hulu for whatever anime needs I have, and at least you can set the relevancy of ads to you on that. Now all I get are commercial breaks with cats ^^


-"Thumbs up if X"

There's a lot of things I don't really understand about internet culture *pause for effect, gesturing contemplation upon the statement* and one of those things is the whole "approval" thing it has going on. We've all seen it before, Youtube, Facebook, Cracked, anywhere where a thumbs up is possible to grant. There'll be some witty comment or something of the like that has a lot of thumbs up, and most of 'em are cool and what not. But then there's the copycats and desperate ones who insist on being validated by strangers. Why? I mean, I know why, but the point of this is to sort of raise awareness of how pointlessly stupid that is :P Thumbs up have no value whatsoever, and due to the anonymity and global scale of the internet, rarely provides any actual value to the social network. Quite honestly, I'm just thoroughly intrigued as to what their thought process is, or the mechanisms behind the lack thereof.

- TAY Etiquette


Ok, so I can be a jerk sometimes . . . . actually, you guys here on TAY have never experienced my asshole-ness (Or at least I hope so :P) because you guys are cool and nice enough to never warrant it's use ^^ But sometimes, I still feel like a jerk on here. It's the little things that bother me, actually. . . specifically, not replying to a comment if the post where it's from is older than, say, two days or so. I just feel it's irrelevant, and sometimes dismiss it. Why? I dunno, I'm an odd person.

Fun Fact: I never drink plain, normal, clear water. . . . . ever. I can't, I just can't. It's so tasteless and nasty, eegh.


So anyways, what I'm trying to get at is, ever notice the odd, unspoken etiquette or rules of conduct that we have here on TAY?? For some reason, there's never any issues, everything always runs smooth and nice. The most intense arguments I've seen on here, are always polite and clean. Debating and fair discussion actually exists here, which on the internet is like, supposed to be impossible, you know? Crazy stuff, man. Crazy stuff.

Oh yea, just because it's "Mild Monday Mornings"doesn't mean I'll stop with le posting of ze metals ^^ Today's special song selection is called "Apocalyptic Prevarication", and it's from Tech Death band, The Seraphim Veil. Enjoy!

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