I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey parTAY people. For all those out there who use the TAY Review format I have small update. I'm revamped the sign up document so it's not so cluttered. Now each system (well, some are together) has its own tab. This way you can quickly see all the other titles for a particular system. All the tabs can be found at the bottom of the document.

The sign up sheet can be found here.

A few reminders:

- If you signed up for a game and now find yourself not wanting to review it that's fine, but please remove it from the list. Some have been on there for months without update.


- There are no qualms with a game getting multiple different reviews if the reviews are for a different version of the game. If you do review a game already covered, but on a different system or something make sure that it is noted in the title (Example: Pac-Man: The TAY Review [NES])

- No signing up for a review until the game has an official release date (unless otherwise specified).

- We're attempting to get review copies for anyone and everyone who signs up, but it's always up in the air.

- The TAY Review format is not at all necessary or mandatory. Do your own thang if you wanna, dawg.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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