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I'm really feeling it!
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Mirror's Edge 2 is now Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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Two years since it’s announcement, DICE has released very little information regarding the sequel to the sleeper hit Mirror’s Edge. However, with an updated Facebook profile and a new message from senior producor Sara Jansson, it looks like we will finally get some details next week at EA’s E3 press conference.


As the original game is my all-time favorite game, this both excites me and scares me. While I’ve been waiting with bated breath for years, I can’t help but be put off a bit by the change of name and the fact that they are apparently putting a much larger emphasis on combat this time around. I will hold judgment until I see it in action, and hopefully my worries will be put to rest. Then again, if Solar Fields doesn’t do the soundtrack again, I’m skeptical that the atmosphere of this game will live up to the last one.

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