I'm really feeling it!

Mission Complete! Time to Go Pick Up My Copy of Animal Crossing

Earlier in the week I vowed to catch up on Persona 4 Golden and Archer before I started Animal Crossing, Cheroro almost crushed my dreams ( but did make me realize I really had to buckle down to get this done, thanks buddy :P) So I went ahead and marathoned Archer through Friday caught up and began my Journey to finish Persona, I was in December so I thought I was close, I didn't realize I still had 3 dungeons to go O.o I ended up marathoning Persona all weekend for a total of 14 hours! and so I just got the true ending of Persona 4 Golden; I'm all caught up on what I set out to do before Animal Crossing! Time to go pick up that copy :D

Add me if you'd like to visit my town once it's set up later today!

My Code, if you don't feel like finding it on the database

is: 1435-3902-1492

I'll write up more on my thoughts about Persona 4 Golden later, for now it's time for AC!


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