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MMO Night: Star Wars the Old Republic

Hullo mates and matesses,

Since we've been having a bit of trouble organizing things without a certain furby someone, I decided to take it upon myself with the author powers that were thrown at me a while ago and make a new event that I will also run. (Jeez, three different things, what is my life coming to?)


So! Because I hate MMO's and I want you all to feel my pain, we're having an MMO Night. Tonight's game is Star Wars the Old Republic, and we shall be starting with level 1-characters in the Jedi Covenant server at 4:00 PM MDT (10:00 PM GMT, 6:00 PM EDT). Add Urilikya in skype with a message stating your intentions to play tonight's game, elsewise I will have no idea why you're adding me and will simply not accept.

We're most likely being Goody-good characters, unless I get talking into playing dark-side guys. Buuuuut, be there or be square.

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