Hi everyone!

TmfP here; and let me tell you what I hate.

Ok while that's true in of itself. It's not the only thing I hate. I also hate getting an MMO, playing it for an hour and realizing that 1) if I paid for the game in first place, I just wasted $20-$60; and 2) if it has a subscription I just wasted $10-$15 of my hard earned cash on a terrible game; and no one has time for that.


So what does that mean for you guys? It means this, I'm going to spend my time, and my money on these games for you! "WHAT?!" You exclaim! Exactly right my friends, I will take the time and energy to tell you if the game is even worth the measly cho' I spent on it.

So here's how it works, I'm going to dedicate at LEAST 1 night a week to an MMO that we all come to some sort of consensus on. I will put a list out here and we will go through it over the next few months.


Next, if it has a F2P AND a subscription based system I will do 2 weeks as one, and 2 weeks as the other and really give you the nitty gritty on what you are REALLY missing out on when you don't subscribe.

If it has only the F2P model I will give you the lowdown on what the store has to offer and IF you really can pay to win!


Then, I will write up a lovely article, make my youtube vidjeya and post my findings on here answering the 3 following questions!

  • Worth the time to play?
  • Worth the money it costs up front? (if it has ANY cost upfront, most F2P models will not)
  • Worth the Subscription? (even if the system doesn't have a subscription, I will touch on it if it is worth giving ANY money to the game or just moving onto something else.)


With that; my dear TAYfriends is MMOM. Also here is the long list of MMOs I'm going to be trying, or REtrying in some cases.

  1. FFXIV
  2. Guild Wars 2
  3. The Secret World
  4. Rift
  5. Planetside 2
  6. Eve Online
  7. Lord of the Rings Online
  8. Star Wars The Old Republic
  9. Tera
  10. DDO
  11. Everquest
  12. Everquest 2
  13. Atlantica Online
  14. Aika
  15. Vindictus
  16. ...WoW...
  17. Defiance
  18. APB Reloaded

Feedback is always welcome and of course, if there's an MMO not on my list that you REALLY want to know if it is worth time or energy let me know in the comments below!


With all that I am and do,

Tommy MF Pickles