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Mobile micro review: Bushido Bear

Hi folks the good people over at Spry Fox have brought us a new Mobile title. Named Bushido Bear! As you can tell from the neat little graphic I got from their site. If you can’t understand why I like this game you should just leave like right now. I am not even joking. This and Alpha bears are my jam. Without further ado let me tell you a bit about the game.

In Bushido Bear you tap and draw lines to control your bear as they run around dual wielding their weapons of choice to cut down foes who threaten your land. The levels have multiple waves of enemies. Each stage features a certain set of enemies. Every day at about noon you get three missions completing the mission gets you gold that you can use to upgrade your bear’s abilities, and donate to the shrine for random goodies. The other rewards are Unlock Tokens you will use tokens to unlock other bears as well as cosmetic items that change the trail effect of your weapons.


So all in all I like the game very much. It’s got bears again front and center. It’s pretty darn cute to boot. So you should definitely try it. If you all have any questions please let me know I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. This was not sponsored but I love their work!

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