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Modern Songs That Could Go In Fallout: New Vegas

A while back, I made an article that dealt with the idea of replacing soundtracks of video games with albums that fit their themes (at least they did in my head). Here, I want to focus on one game, Fallout: New Vegas, add a few individual songs to it. They may not be tunes from the 1950's or earlier, but they compliment the game’s aesthetics beautifully.

Carrizo Plain by Gardens & Villa.

It encapsulates the feeling of exploring a vast, open space perfectly. The guitar gives it a western flavor, as if you are in the Mojave desert itself, trekking across the sand and stones. The light usage of xylophones adds a notion of time passing from day to dusk. The stars twinkle with each high-pitched note played, and the slow singing style echoes the careful steps the Courier takes as they traverse the Wasteland. I have been to Goodsprings in real life and I have seen the desert night sky from outside of the bright light of Vegas, and one can find solitude in the wilderness, a solitude that is found in this song.


Spectrum by Florence + The Machine

There is an urgency in the song, and beseeches you to run, run as fast as you can. You practically need to gallop in order to satiate the beat’s power. It’s similar to Carrizo Plain’s idea of trekking across the Wasteland, but this time around, you don’t have time to stop and smell the Iguana-On-A-Stick; you got to get going. When it crescendos at its refrain, all Hell breaks loose. It could easily be the backdrop to a massive shootout, like the second battle of Hoover Dam. It’s a wildly powerful song, and it would give New Vegas an extra shot in the arm during the intense sequences.

No More Words by Anna Calvi

Temptation. This song is pure temptation, and in the end, so is Vegas. Both seduce you, lure you in, offering a respite from the trials and tribulations of your regular life. In New Vegas, the Hoover Dam is what’s attracting all of the factions to the area, but the town is a symbol of the comfort of the Old World, and it sells itself well. The allure of Vegas reflects the come-hither tone of No More Words, the title of which alludes to the idea of abandoning what you were doing and just come on over. The song has an old school cool vibe to it and a listener could envision their Courier taking a stroll and seeing the sights of the town with it in the background. It could easily be played over loudspeakers on the Strip as an unofficial anthem for the city.


This was solely focused on Fallout: New Vegas, but what are other songs you think would go well with other video games?

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