I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Mondays suck. The work week/school week is ramping up again, the weekend has faded away, and, if you are anything like me, then you are busy lamenting all the things you did not get to do over the weekend. In other words, you are probably in a foul mood and ready to fight. Thus, it is the perfect day to argue about lists and be a grumpy jerk. So, Monday Listlessness (pun very much intended) was born.


The idea is that, every Monday, I will create a topic and then ask you awesome TAYers to list your top (or in some cases bottom) 5 games/movies/albums/etc.

This week's topic is: Best games of 2013. You can pick games that have already been released this year, but feel free to speculate about the quality of any game coming out in 2013. For example, I suspect GTA V to rank in at least a few lists despite its somewhat distant release date. Remember, you only can provide a top 5 (any more and I will....uhm.....be displeased I guess?). My speculated top 5 is:

1) Last of Us

2) Tomb Raider

3) Beyond: Two Souls

4) Rayman Legends

5) Ni No Kuni

Hate my choices and want to rage at me? Want to create your own list? have at it!

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