I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

MonsTAY Hunter Night is here!!! (at 8:00 pm EDT)

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Hello everyone! It's that time again. That's, right, it's MonsTAY Hunter night!!! Tonight's the night where you can meet up with your fellow TAY Monster Hunters and take on such vicious beasts as the bullfango, or the jaggi!


What? Not vicious enough for you? Then how about the slagtoth, or the dreaded rhenoplos?! Now that I've got your blood boiling, talk amongst yourself in the comments section below and set up your hunting parties!

Alas, Morie and I won't be available at the start of the night. Pizza is taking longer than we planned on to get here, and we're both super-hungry; however, if there's room for one of us in your parties, we might hop on later. So, regardless, best of hunting to you!!

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