I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Calling all Kotaku Monster Hunter 3U players!

Sloshy has been so kind as to create a google document where all MH3U players can record their WiiU game info! A whole bunch of you have signed up so far, and that's fantastic! We're always looking for more hunters to play with. After all, the fun doubles when playing with friends!


Actually, Slosh and I played on Thursday night, and I have to say that the in-game chat is fantastic! It uses the microphone in the gamepad to transmit your voice while playing. Slosh, a friend of mine, and I played for about 2.5-3 hrs and never had any issues. My only recommendation is that you funnel all the sound through the gamepad and play with the headphones on, otherwise, your teammates might experience feedback from the gamepad speakers (other players voices come out from the gamepad).

So, for those of you who play the game, how are you liking it? What is your primary weapon. Mine is the SnS. I dominated with it in Tri and see no reason to stop now. I do plan on dabbling in other weapons, but right now I'm on tier 2 quests offline and am dirt poor. Once I have more money and materials, I'll start branching out and repeating lower-level quests with new weapons.

Feel free to annotate the image above and let me know what weapons you are/are planning on using.

Edit: Apparently you can't annotate this image? Not sure why. Is it because I uploaded it from my desktop or is it too small?


Also, enjoy the song below, and as always, happy hunting!

Original image stolen from a screenshot I took from the Monster Hunter Wiki. Check them out!

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