I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So, how's everyone liking Monster Hunter 3 U so far? Me, I'm loving it! I got it for the Wii U and the 3DS and I'm having a blast so far!

Speaking of owning both versions, I wanted to let everyone know that, per Capcom-Unity, the Data Transfer Tool was made available as of yesterday, so go check it out!


I've already used the tool to transfer my WiiU data to the 3DS, and I have to say that both versions of the game look and play gorgeously. By far, Monster Hunter on the 3DS has the best use of 3D yet! The amount of depth on full intensity is like nothing I've ever experienced on the handheld before. It's simply breathtaking. Also, I'm playing without the circle pad pro, and it works just fine. Here's how I recommend setting up your tiles:

Left Side Right Side

Monster target Camera Control
Combo List Camera Control
Signal Kick/Special Attack


The reason this works so well is because the camera control on the right side of the touch screen leaves your left hand free to maneuver around the field. This is especially helpful when swimming.

I put Kick/Special on the right as well, because the start button on the regular 3DS is difficult to hit mid-battle. This makes it that much easier to execute.


How does everyone else set up their touchscreen?

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