I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Monthly Backlog Check-In: November Holiday Super Rush Edition

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I think that image is pretty close to what actually happens on Black Friday.

Anyway, I'm going to try to be fairly brief with this because the list of games that I completed is kind of...uh...really big. Like 20 games big. All will be explained. So let's start right in!


At the beginning of November, I took part in the Extra Life 25 Hour Marathon for charity and brought in a whopping $40, which sounds like not much but hey I don't stream that often and it was my first time so I'm taking it as a victory. I played every Kirby game I have access to on Wii U, which happened to be the Kirby Dream Collection, which is 7 games by itself, along with Kirby's Epic Yarn and Return to Dream Land. I ended up finishing all of those with one hour to spare so I booted up Major Minor's Majestic March and merrily maimed the ears of my viewers. So that's 10 games in the first weekend.

After that, I purchased a 32gb SD card for my 3DS finally (mostly because of Ace Attorney 5) and then while waiting for that to come out, bought Attack of the Friday Monsters and played through that over a weekend. It's a cute game with a nice little story with not a whole lot of gameplay but it was fairly cheap so that's okay. Beautiful music and visuals though. Then Ace Attorney 5 came out and I played through that. It consumed a large portion of my waking moments. I haven't gone back for the DLC chapter yet but I will. So we're at 12 games here.


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Sonic Lost World showed up from Gamefly at the same time. Pac-Man is a pretty generic and standard 3D platformer, something we haven't gotten too often lately. It's a decent game and I'd recommend it for $10. It's fairly easy but if you're playing it quickly, you may get annoyed by it requiring you to collect a certain number of power pellets to proceed. Sonic Lost World started out fantastic and then quickly devolved into a series of murder situations where the game purposefully tricks the player into running down the path into an instant death trap. By the end of the game it's just a giant series of them repeatedly. Sonic Team has no idea how to balance for difficulty at all. Colors remains best newer Sonic game. So that's 14 games done.

Then the PS4 launched and I happily picked mine up and began to play Killzone and...got kind of bored. It's a gorgeous game and it has some neat moments but it never really does anything special and the levels aren't anywhere near as open-ended as they tried to make it sound during its unveiling. I haven't tried multiplayer at all but I haven't really had a desire to. Then came Knack, which I thought would be neat. Reviews complained about it being repetitive and I've always hand-waved that as it's kind of a dumb complaint when a game wants to do one specific thing well. But Knack's problems are that it does something else really poorly and that is difficulty. Checkpoints are way too far apart and you die in two hits from basically every enemy. What's the point of healing at all if you don't heal to full? If you take one hit, heal a bit and then take another hit, you're still going to die. It's way more frustrating than it needs to be. Maybe it's easier if you have friends playing it to give you extra gems and stuff. I don't know, no one else I know has the game. At this point Battlefield 4 showed up from GameFly and so that got played through in one day...after it froze my PS4 and then refused to work a few times. Another absolutely gorgeous game but extremely shallow on options and the story is...nonsensical? I still have no idea what was going on. I know Irish is a really dumb character though.


The week after THAT, Mario 3D World launched and my Zelda 3DS XL shipped so I got to play 3D World with no other distractions and ahhhhh that is definitely my Game of the Year. Wonderful 101 was so far at the top but SM3DW just cleaned house. Amazing level design, music, great balance of difficulty, plenty of content (I put in 23 hours to get through all levels, all gold flags, all green stars, all stamps...and the last part of 100% is to finish every level with every character which I have not gone back for yet). I don't normally buy consoles for one game but that one is worth it. I would buy a console for that game. It's a good thing Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Nintendo Land, Lego City Undercover, NSMBU, NSLU, ZombieU and Monster Hunter exist too so I can recommend those as well. So with the PS4 and Wii U, we're sitting at 18 games finished.

So now my 3DS XL shows up with its download code for Link Between Worlds...which I didn't use because I bought it physically because I like physical media. I'll be doing a stream at some point in the near future where I'll give games away for hitting certain numbers of followers and that is one of the prizes, along with the Oracle of Seasons code I got for buying the game. And that is a fantastic Zelda game, let me tell you. While the first hour is the usual set up, everything past that is on you. No one is there to help you, no one is there to explain things beyond the basic setup of each region and you just use your assortment of items to solve whatever comes your way. It's great stuff and the game looks and sounds great. 60fps does wonders for Zelda.


BUT before I could finish that game, Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land showed up. I sat down to give it a try and...ended up 100%'ing the entire game in 2 hours. It's incredibly short and should probably be a rental or $5-10 at most. Amazing OST but it feels like half a game.

And then back to Zelda where I finished out the last few dungeons and the very satisfying final boss. And that brings us to 20 games completed for the month.


I was very unsure of whether or not I'd hit my 100 games per year this year but Extra Life really pushed that up. As it stands I'm at 96 out of 100 games completed and I have Call of Duty Ghosts, Contrast, Senran Kagura Burst and Ys Celceta to play right now so I have my remaining four I need. I do have plenty else to play too though. I never finished Wind Waker HD, my physical disc version of DuckTales Remastered showed up, I just bought Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD since it was $20 and I believe I'm getting Tearaway as a Christmas present. Oh yeah, I have Need For Speed Rivals too. Plenty of goodies.

In other news, I broke out the PS2 and finally set it up again because I bought some component cables for it to set up for January when I do my stream of RPGs for my vacation (which you can help decide right over here at this link!). DECIDE MY GAMING FATE


As it turns out, the console works just fine, my memory card is still good, but neither of my controllers works despite being kept in a nice plastic bin. Ah well. So a new controller was ordered for a nice $25 and it'll soon be party time.

SO, how did you guys do? Finish a couple? Buy a ton? Trample 50 people?

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