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Here we are folks, the Fated Month, November. Let us chat about what we finished last month first though, shall we? I've had some rather unfortunate things happen that have kept me from doing this earlier but whatever, pets pass away, we mourn and then we get antibiotics for the other problems. I try to keep personal woes out of things on the internet. I'll get us started. I actually finished more than I remembered last month so I'm pretty pleased overall.

New Super Luigi U: First up is this wonderful DLC expansion to New Super Mario Bros U, which you can buy both physically at the store (no previous game needed) or just buy as DLC through the eShop and play from NSMBU. I have to say, regardless of how you feel about the controls or whatever, actually seeing a real full game expansion is heartwarming. Like a beloved rising from the ashes. Good on Nintendo for providing such a substantial piece of downloadable content.


As for the actual game itself, I loved it through and through. Luigi's controls take some getting used to but his stages are by and large built for him and by the time you finish getting every Star Coin in the game, you'll be a pro at knowing just when to slide, hop and stomp. Or you better be because the game holds nothing back aside from an oddly easy Star Road.

Rayman Legends - I enjoyed Rayman Origins, but not really as much as most others seemed to. The level design had its creativity but I just never had that much fun with what was presented. Still a very strong platformer but nothing I'd call amazing. Legends...kind of seems to go downwards from that. The majority of levels are incredibly straightforward and it felt like having the challenges be a separate thing made them take out a lot of the trickier platforming from the main game. I would have liked to see stuff like wall running and shrinking be used much more throughout and while control-wise I didn't have a problem with Murphy, his stages are very slow and feel very long and there are many of them. Less of them and more normal platforming would have been a better idea. Beautiful game with a great OST though.

Beyond: Two Souls - I'm one of those guys who really doesn't care if a game uses QTEs (unless the QTE is just mash button quickly, then it's dumb and hurts my wrists after a while) and I certainly don't mind a cinematic game. I enjoy seeing experiments in various forms of game creation and so something like this is quite palatable to me. Almost as palatable as Ellen Page in that picture up there. She could dress like that punk outfit part forever and I would be a very happy man.

It's a weird game though because while Heavy Rain had a big mystery behind it, Beyond...really doesn't. It's the story of Jodie and her life and eventually she tries to find herself and there's a thing about the ghost spirit thing you can also control and a really sudden character twist near the end but overall, it's a human drama. It works but it can be difficult to really figure out why you're pushing forward with it because we're so used to games having a clear goal, something to work towards. Having the goal be "eventually you see Ellen Page's late teens/early 20s" is just something very different.


Pokemon Y - there isn't much to say here. It's Pokemon but refined and with a new type added that switches up the meta game. I've caught the majority of what I'd like to catch but I'm waiting for the Poke Bank so I can transfer stuff over and really build out my team. The adventuring is nice and some of the situations are pretty funny but the meat is the battling as usual. Battles are MUCH faster now though and that's really nice.

Batman Arkham Origins - apparently I'm an oddity because I really enjoyed Origins. The combat is less braindead, the sidequests have more meaning (and are directly referenced during major story parts if you complete them. as in, doing them changes dialogue and likely enemy setups as well) and the actual story itself is quite strong. It just happens to also be a very glitchy game (though apparently it got an update today so I'll have to check that out and see if it fixed the Burnley tower finally). Solid though, and more of what I enjoy is never something to complain about.


So there we have it, 5 games down in the month of October. Now, November is going to be hilarious because I took part in the Extra Life 25 Hour Marathon last weekend and finished all 9 Kirby games I have access to, as well as Major Minor's Majestic March, so that alone was 10 games to the list already. It was also a lot of fun, though I only raised $40 out of the $100 goal I had. Still, raising anything is good.

NOW, as for the future. I only have Wind Waker HD left to play currently so that's going down. But next Friday is the PS4, along with Knack. I have Killzone in my possession so there's that too. But I also have GameFly so hopefully I'll get some multiplatform games to test on it as well. Beyond that is Nintendo Week with Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds and now we have word that just after that is Ys Celceta. So that's massive. Very excited.


Beyond THOSE, we have December and January where...I have nothing to buy. Zip. Nada. No plans to purchase anything there. So that's where everyone else comes in. I play RPGs when I have lots of down time. You can decide which ones.


Right there is a nice poll where you can vote on what I'll play and I'll even stream it whenever I do play whichever ones get picked over at twitch.tv/eggmanimn. I'll warn you though, don't bother picking something that you think is bad because I genuinely enjoy all of those games. I just haven't played some of them in a long time. And if there's something that maybe you think I should play, check my Backloggery right over here: http://backloggery.com/eggman and suggest it in here or just tell me when I'm streaming something. Depending on what it is and what I can stream from, I'll probably do it.


So how about the rest of you? Triumphs? Failures? Staying the course? Tell me of your gamings.

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