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As we turn from Summer to Fall, gaming marches ever closer to the launch of the newest systems and all the biggest games of the year. Though I find myself thinking that "biggest" really doesn't always equate with "best." But anyway, let's go over what was played in September. Me first!

Killer Is Dead - hoo boy did reviews go off on this game. Unfairly I might add. Incredibly so. And with no thought given as to the whys or hows of the game itself. Written off as childish, filled with misogyny, etc, etc. Pretty much all bunk now that I've actually played through the game.


I could write quite a bit about the game but I'm trying to keep this somewhat short and there are quite a few articles going over the game. The gist is that reviews are dumb, the media's current white knight obsession is dumb and the game was a lot of fun.

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward - I actually played through this last year on the 3DS but like with a good book, I felt like going back through the story, this time on Vita since it was free from PSN+. Still one of the best ongoing stories in gaming and I was straight back to shaking in anticipation over the third game in the series. Wannnnntttttt.

Grand Theft Auto V - biggest game, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill. My honest opinion? It's already overrated. The story, the soundtrack, the writing, pretty much all of it. There isn't really all that much to the story, characterization is pretty limited and the vaunted writing is still the same Whedonesque "literally every person in the world is a witty know it all" that Rockstar's been using since GTA4. After a while it really gets on my nerves.

That's not to say I didn't have plenty of fun with it over the 30 hours I've put into it so far but I wasn't particularly blown away by it, nor do I think it represents some amazing shift in gaming or whatever. Controls are still pretty bad overall, particularly in anything that can fly, and that's nothing new. The soundtrack was pretty middling, with radio stations that are named oddly. I really didn't know what to expect out of the songs from any of their names aside from a couple like the Pop station and most of it, I didn't like. It does have Party All The Time though so it has at least one piece of gold in its OST.


But I find myself thinking back to when I played San Andreas and everyone freaked out over how amazing it was and I was called crazy for pointing out what I thought were some pretty obvious deficiencies in mission design and gameplay. Oh god Zero missions, flashbacks nonononono.

End result, it's still GTA, just much much bigger and that's cool, but I don't think it covers up some not so great design choices.


Wonderful 101 - now this, this is my game of the year. I'm sorry every other game, but you simply do not have the heart and soul that this game brings to the table. The pure love for fun, action and awesome that this game spews from everywhere. This is the new Kid Icarus Uprising, except this one doesn't destroy your wrists in any way.

Again, many reviews couldn't have been further from the mark and there was a pretty good article written on how it pretty much just doesn't fit with how reviewers do things in general. But anyway, the game is like 20 hours long and every mission is nonstop fun and excitement. Great humor from every character, memorable well, memorable basically everything and a combo system that actually *gasp* rewards skill and exploration into its depths. And it really isn't as hard to learn as a few would have you believe.


When I played Metal Gear Rising earlier this year, I didn't think anyone would be able to top it in the action genre. DmC sure didn't (though I do like that game too). Instead Kamiya just put out another action title that blows everything away. I honestly don't know which I like more between this and Bayonetta. Needless to say, I think the sales it's getting are criminally low. If you have a Wii U, you owe it to yourself to play this game all the way through. Don't be afraid to put it down to Easy for a while to get the hang of it, just enjoy yourself.

SO, now that I'm finished gushing over some games, what, pray tell, did the rest of you do? Tell us. Tell us now.


Also now that I have a nice capture device, I've begun streaming console stuff here and there. A few levels of Wonderful 101, a speedrun attempt at MagnaCarta 2 disc 1 the other day, with plenty more to come. I'll have a post about a project in the near future I think.

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